Erotic Story, Bbw crystal

Erotic Story, Bbw crystal
Crystal is a beautiful young thing with full breasts topped by large nipples. She has one of those pussies that are just a slit, nothing shows on the outside - until it swelled up with lust. She kept it bare. She loved the comfort of being nude and was truly unashamed of being unashamed. She loved to masturbate and watch me masturbate.

We were on a road trip staying in a motel. We started fooling around on the couch and sort of invented a position to watch each other. We sat facing each other with the couch cushions pulled up at a slant so we could lean back and watch.

We moved our fun parts so close together they almost touched...Crystal started pleasuring herself...or "self-honoring" herself as she liked to say. She saw masturbation as a way of honoring the Creator that gave her the fun parts. "God created orgasms" she would say in a most reverent way.

Once she started I lubed up and started too, matching her pace, looking her in the eye...after a while she pulled her hand up to the top of her pussy and just fingered her clit. I used that opportunity to run the head of my cock up and down her pussy slit...her eyes widened as she smiled at the sensation....then she put her hand back down and pushed my cock back and resumed work on her G-spot. She followed this cycle over and over again, backing her hand away for me to rub my cock against her pussy. An incredible pleasure for me to feel her pussy lips against my cock and to watch her smile with pleasure. Sometimes shed sort of laugh at the decadence of what we were up to.

Suddenly she stopped, said "Lets go to the bed" and led me there by my cock. She laid back and said, "More." She went back to work with her hands and I got over her in sort of a missionary position so that as I stroked myself the meat of the top of my hand thumped into her pussy lips, like she was being fucked hard. "Yes! More! Please!" she nearly screamed...she was pleasuring her clit and her G-spot while I was stroking my cock and finishing with the thump of meat on meat. Our eyes are locked as we establish a steady rhythm like were fucking. Then she says, "Inside!" so every few strokes Id slide my cock inside that beautiful red hot tight pussy...just one or two strokes inside, then back out to thump her lips as I stroked.

Wasnt too long before she was rising to orgasm and we kept eye contact as he orgasm built and I let mine build right along with her. We came at the same time and I ejaculated on her clit at her moment of orgasm - flooding it with hot sperm. She loved it. I loved it. We cuddled and kissed while still staring in each others eyes.

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