Cleanig all holes (porn story)

Cleanig all holes (porn story)
I’ve always been a woman who enjoys anal play, even as a teenage girl. Though most women are scared to explore that side of things, I must say that I never was.

Since I was about 21-23 years old, I’ve always has one or two toys under my bed. The only problem was, that years ago when I was young, there weren’t many "amazing" toys like there are today for us women.

Today, there are inflatable butt plugs/dildos, vibrating toys, more realistic feeling/looking toys as well. Hell, the other day while searching the web, I found a thong with a concealed butt plug actually built into it, therefore you can be at work, home or out partying, with a butt plug in your ass without anyone noticing. It’s just amazing how far toys have come.

With that being said, one of my favorite fantasies (which me and my husband have done a handful of times) is rimming each other. My husband is a rather clean man who is very into his appearance and cleanliness, even at his older age, as am I.

Usually before we have any sort of sex, we both like to clean up, which usually consists of us showering quick, therefore we make sure our areas are spickity-span clean and ready for action! But sometimes, me being a gym person, will come home all sweaty from a long workout, and see if my husband is willing to lick my holes clean! (It’s usually a no but he has done it before)

The 69 position is usually our position of choice when we rim each other. There’s no better feeling than getting out of a hot shower, and feeling a warm, wet tongue poking in and out of your asshole. Ill admit, it took me a few times to get used to licking my husbands asshole, but I did grow to enjoy it, especially how it affects the size of his cumshot at the end of the session.

Sometimes when we are feeling really horny, we will rim each other for a decent period of time, making sure both of our assholes are nice and moist. Then either I will blow him while fingering his asshole, or he’ll request to bend me over and pound my asshole instead.

Those of you who are scared to rim should try it! It’s an awesome feeling when you and your partner are rimming each other!

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